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Regular Show/Hellsing comic

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 10, 2014, 2:51 PM
Ever lose something irreplaceable, search for it madly, then almost give up to find it? That sense of relief?! That happened to me today when I lost three pages from my Regular Show / Hellsing cross which is almost ready for editing now. Gah, I am now at 71 pages! I had no idea it would end up this long!!!

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Chocolate Cake by Lady-Hannibal
Chocolate Cake
Had to share some Anderson/Enrico love :D

Lol, hove no idea what's going on here. It just happened and was put together quickily. : \
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
AUTHOR: ladyhannibal
FANDOM: Regular Show (AU)
SUMMARY Benson, a dejected bartender at a local pub crosses paths one night with a young marine named Mordocai as fellow soldiers bring him to celebrate his recent promotion. The night will forever change their lives.
NOTES: Mordenson Prompt used…. This is an alternate universe fiction.
GENRE: Pre-slash
WARNINGS: mentions of non-con, mild language, sexual themes.
DISCLAIMER: No profit is made and no offense intended. 

Benson polished off the already clean counter as he had the tables and chairs. Placing a bowl of mixed nuts and napkins on the counter he took his place by the edge of the bar. It was minutes from opening time and on a Friday night. He was looking forward to it.

Cedarwood was a quiet little town outside Pennsylvania, a town that's main employment was the large logging company Cedarwood was best known for and the military base, Fort Garrison - most boys only options here. On Fridays these working class crowds with their weekend ahead would drink as hard as they work. For this reason the bar was always a landing spot for new faces, some just starting their military tour others accustoming themselves to their new location away from home. Some about to be deployed and those who just returned and the stories they would share while he poured their drinks.

Then there were others just coming from the woods; tired, covered in mud, sometimes bruised and always looking for a cold beer. The logging industry was tough and accident prone. Benson had seen a lot come and go, in more ways than one...

They were all young, some homesick and would pour their heart out about missing their families or an old flame they were holding out for. It was always something new for Benson and broke up his routine.

Any of the regulars though were mainly Maellard's friends.

A few decent folk, most not... Benson did his best to keep both happy.

Even with the economy in the tank, unlike many like-minded business who closed quite some time ago, the bar did well and was always steady with customers. Maybe it was the man's other assets or the base that kept them afloat either way Benson surmised the place made Maellard a lot of money. Only one of the many businesses the old man owned down Cedarwood Road but it was his favorite.

His primary fortune was the logging company he did own but he outsourced its maintenance to his supervisor Don so did not venture there more than weekly however here was where he closed many a client's million dollar deals regarding it...

Richard Maellard came out of his office, depending on a cane to assist his lame leg, and done as he normally did. Even with the longevity of Benson's employment, he gave the gumball machine a scrutal gaze, checked stocks, wiped his fingers across the counter for dust and thumbed through the register.

Even regarding how Maellard was known to treat Benson, the gumball machine couldn't help feel sorry for him sometimes. He was in his seventies, divorced and had one estranged son who never kept in touch with him. The old man had spent his entire life devoted to making money and in return it made him a bitter, selfish person. 

Yet he kept Benson employed and jobs were hard to come by right now...

Once satisfied, he gave Benson a nod and returned to his office, closing the door and drawing the blinds behind him. It was Benson's cue to unlock the door begin their evening.

Fifteen minutes after doing so they had their first customers...

The group walked into the bar loud and laughing then separated to two, they were all clean cut and dressed in dark green uniforms. Some waved to him but others only stared as they had never seen him before. 

Benson knew he was an odd thing to see for the first time...

Yet their was one who caught Benson's normally absent gaze as he polished off a few glasses he had recently washed and set on the counter...

He was taller than the rest with a lanky, languid build and short, spiky hair. He was a blue jay Benson guessed in his mid-twenties and bore a quirky, fun-loving personality but at the same time the confidence and posture of someone in rank. Something Benson knew very little about but from what he learned those were Sargent stripes on his shoulders. Maybe this was what they were celebrating...

"G'Day Benny!" Mark Hammond, the eldest of the group and proposed leader spoke over their conversation, grinning. "Bring me five coldies over here, ay' mate?" His Australian brogue was a heavy one.

Benson produced a fake smile, cringing inwardly at the clipped version of his name Hammond always called him but with a nod he began to prepare their drinks. Hammond was one of Maellard's friends, one of whom came around more frequently than Benson prefer and knew him longer than he liked... He was an arrogant man in his forties with silvering blonde hair, a rugged look to his skin from years in the harsh sun and gray eyes. He had been specially selected from Melbourne's regimen to work at Fort Garrison as a Gunnery Sargent no less. His primary duty to train new recruits and that he did well.

Drinking was another thing he did well, Benson could tell Hammond had already got started on his drinks somewhere else...

Extracting a clipboard from underneath the table Benson made a notation under Hammond's tab which was already quite full. Maellard had a very short list of people he would allow such credit but Hammond was different. Federal regulations had cracked down since the wildlife deforestation protest and Benson knew Hammond used his influence to help Maellard work around the territory limitations and bury paper trails of his 'not so legitimate' logging contracts and had thus became a valuable asset to the man and the life of his business; meaning Hammond got anything he want.

Not to mention he paid in full, cash, at the end of every month...

As the bartender prepared their drinks the small group conversed amongst themselves, taking their seat at a corner table. Continuing their discussion on the topic they were in as they entered the bar one asked what was already on most of their minds. A short, stalky man with green skin and brown hair they somehow deemed 'Muscleman'.

"Okay Mark, Bro, I gotta ask... Who the Hell is that and... what is he?..." His raspy voice questioned the Gunnery Sargent curiously, pointing his chin to Benson.

"Hm, oh em'? Tha's just Benny. He's a gumball machine... kind of... Ah' still dunno how tha' works exactly – all ah'know is he still works the same as we do..." He made a sly smirk. "Anyway, Benny manages this place for Mr. Maellard and is pretty much Maellard's mouthpiece when it comes to this place. Knows it in an' oot an should. Gawd he's worked here over ten years..."

"I hadn't seen nothing like him before and I've seen a lot." Muscleman more replied to himself. "I worked with unicorns for God's sake."

"Me either and I've been all around the world but I mean look at us – we look like we came out of a circus." The other man laughed, a young goat kid with a laced Russian accent named Nicaoli. "I just didn't want to say anything... I couldn't help stare when we came in... I hope I didn't-"

"Nah, Benny's used to it." Hammond glanced back at the gumball machine busily preparing their drinks. "Not too many around like em'. I used to know a guy named Dave tha' conducts all our military records back in Queensland but besides him, Benny and his father was the only other ones I've met. His father used to be Maellard's personal accountant... Shame that one..." He shook his head knowingly. "Guess they must be really good with numbers or somethin'..."

"Wait, you said 'used to be'..." The tall blue jay finally spoke up, his face perplexed. His attention had been engrossed in the gumball machine the entire discussion until then. "Why, what happ-?" 

He was cut off, however, as the said man approach his flank, speaking cordially. 

"Here you are, gentlemen... Mr. Hammond..." Benson bowed his head ever so slight, causing the gumballs in his head to shift. Lowering his tray, he placed the drinks on their table just over the blue jay's shoulder. As Mordocai turned to look at him, he seen just how close Benson was. He was mere inches from Mordocai's as his beak nearly collided with his face. The blue jay could smell a soft, sweet aroma coming off the man, either from an aftershave or Benson's own scent Mordocai couldn't tell. He only smiled at the man as his tired eyes scan each customer, curious of the new faces and land lastly on Mordocai's, smiling back. Neither said anything.

"Cheers Benny," Hammond snagged one of the glasses and took a long drink. As Benson started to return to the bar, Hammond set his drink down suddenly. "Mmm. Benny, c'mere a minute!" He hollered, wiping his mouth. Before Benson had a chance to comply Hammond swung his thick arm out and caught the small man by his neat hips, roughly pulling him back. "Ah got some fella's ah' wan' yeh ta' meet!"

Mordocai's brow vexed by Hammond's manner and the way he handled Benson. Yet to his surprise the irritation on Benson's face quickly went away and his tense posture relaxed as if forced. It made Mordocai feel bad for him...

Was he used to it?

Hammond pulled Benson near, his arm still wrapped around him with his hand hovering over the heart-shaped crank on his chest while the other held his beer. It made Mordocai angry, he didn't know why. "Benny, this is Nicolai Abhigyen. He's my computer wizkid who's training ae' Interpol – he's Russian." Hammond commented and stared up at Benson as if he didn't catch on. "And this loud mouth gabber is Muscleman or Mitch Sorestien." He gave Benson a playful nudge, "we call em' Muscleman because he doesn't have an once of muscle on em."

"Woah Bro, I have muscles." He stood up enough to flex, "I'm just big-boned – I can't help it!"

"Big-bellied you mean..." Mordocai spoke up chuckling. "Not that you need any, dude you sit behind a desk all day."

"Ugh, whatever. You dudes just have no taste..." The short man slumped back in his chair and drowned himself in his beer. "You just bought me another beer." 

"Fair enough. " Hammond chuckled, taking another mouthful of beer before directing his attention to the last person at the table. "And this big-nose wanker is Mordocai Quintel. He's from down south in Virginia. I'm right proud of him, he's my poster-boy success, bein' I'ma good friend to ae's dad n'all." Hammond spoke proudly, "I worked him hard and now he's back as a full fledged Marine Sargent for the US of A."

"Yeah, yeah, don't brag about it would you?" Mordocai smiled and rolled his eyes. "Besides I got my stripes two weeks ago, today's nothing special. I'm just here as your shadow. Besides... dad had something to do with most of it..." Mordocai muttered quietly, a spark of emotion in his eye that caught Benson's curiosity. The blue jay then shook his head, realizing his error. "Oh sorry where was I?" He extend his hand with a soft smile. "Pleased to meet you Benson."

Benson stared down to his open hand with some reluctance but eventually accept it. It was a warm, firm grip yet soft from Mordocai's silky feathers. A tingling spark ran through him and his heart skipped as he done so, and by the reaction from the dark eyes of the blue jay, it wasn't just him.

Benson then broke the gaze and realized he hadn't replied back and was still holding the man's hand, or actually Mordocai was still holding his. He spoke quickly.

"I... The feeling is mutual... Mr.Quintel..." With hesitation Benson slowly pulled his hand back.

"Oh please, I hear formalities all day. Just call me Mordocai." Mordocai smirked.

Benson smiled uneasily and Hammond chuckled, before Benson could speak Hammond explained for him.

"No go, mate. One of the house rules. Benny's not allowed to call us any other thing than 'Sir' or 'Mr. Whatever'... It's one of Richard's rules. He traditional tha' way..."

"You gotta be kidding! - Now that's just stupid." Mordocai ruffled his feathers with a frown. "What next? I can't even buy you a drink?"

Benson merely started blankly. Mordocai's frown snarled.

"What? Seriously?!"

"House rules – and certainly on the drink. But I appreciate the offer..." Benson smiled gently putting his hand on Mordocai's shoulder before collecting their empty glasses and returned to the bar to serve more customers as they arrived. Mordocai's eyes never left him and occasionally he would catch Benson staring back. 

Eventually Mordocai was pulled into the group and Benson was busy serving the growing crowd, making the bar more noisy. Yet in his next possible opening, he took another tray of beers to 'his' table.

Reaching between Mordocai and Hammond he snagged the empty glasses remaining and set cold bottles down. Intrigued by their conversation he stepped into, he inquired politely. "Excluding Mr. Hammond here you are all new faces to me are you far form home? Anyone special you left behind?" He cut his eyes to Mordocai surprised to see a change in the blue jay. He looked sick and depressed.

"Oh no, don't start that crap again..." Muscleman groaned with a scowl, rolling his eyes he point a stubby finger to the blue jay. "Forget her bro!"

"You gotta girlfriend?" Benson said with reluctance.

"Had." Mordocai sighed, resting on his knuckles and stared down to his beer. "Margret... We... broke up."

"For the third time..." Muscleman commented, sipping his beer.

"Well it's really over now..."

"Good! If she was for real she would have come up here like my babe did." Mitch looked to the bartender smugly, "Starla's my gal and she'll go anywhere I go. Were soul mates."

"I write my fiancee and exchange parcels via post. Its more romantic than the web or a phone call..." Nicolai admitted. "She's still in mother Russia, I miss her a lot. Long distant relationships can be tough but we love each other greatly. We plan to marry after I've have had my training and can return home."

Benson smiled, "sounds thoughtful..."

"Ugh, would you come off it already you bunch ae' girls?" Hammond groaned nauseated, "No need to do all that fuss when there are other venues to ge' my jollies – ay' Benny?" He chuckled, cutting his eyes up to the gumball machine as he ran a single finger across his heart-shaped crank.

"That's the reason you are single, Mr. Hammond..." Benson said flatly, knocking his hand away, Hammond frowned and turned up his glass. Benson redirected his attention to Mordocai, "so what happened?"

Mordocai smiled up to Benson and opened his mouth, about to speak when Mitch spoke.

"Oh man, I am not listening to this again..." He picked up his beer and looked around the bar, catching a dust-covered object in the corner he howled with delight. "Oh man, is that a stick hockey table? I hadn’t seen one of them in years! That thing work?" He directed to Benson.

The gumball machine raised his brow with a shrug. "Should, have at it."

"Whoooo!" Mitch shouted a bit too loud for indoors by everyone’s' expression and grabbed Nicaoli by the collar. "C'mon, I need a buddy!"

Benson chuckled watching them then turned back to Mordocai, his eyes soften insisting Mordocai continue.

He felt like he could tell Benson anything...

Mordocai exhaled, taking his eyes off Benson to the floor. "It wasn't her fault, not really. She's just following her dream and it was a chance of a lifetime for her, I couldn't hold her back. She's got her dreams like I've got mine..." He popped the cap off his beer and took a drink. "She got accepted in this really good school, her top choice and had to move across country. She wants to be a journalist. She loves to travel a lot..." He chuckled. "An investigative journalist and a Military Sargent... not exactly a well made match, am I right?" He smiled pitifully, cocking his eyes up to Benson. The gumball machine smiled sympathetically, turning back to the bar and reached forward. With two fingers he lift the blue jay's chin from his beer to meet his gaze.

"Hey, chin up. Don't drown in your beer. You're a sweet guy, something will work out..."

Mordocai smiled barely but it was enough for Benson who then returned to the bar and his customers. Looking back he caught the blue jay still watching him and Mordocai quickly turned away.

What was it with that guy? Better still, given he was a gumball machine man, that's what he was... a guy. Mordocai wasn't gay but the way the man made him feel, he just couldn't place it...

Either way Mordocai felt quite a bit better...

Mordocai's inner thoughts were pulled away as Hammond spoke in a husky malicious tone. "Boy... you sure got his motor runnin'..." The Australian leaned back in his chair, his beer between his legs as he watched Benson. "By the way he fawned over you he'd let you do anything to em'..."

"What?" Mordocai snapped to, looking at Hammond surprised. Surely he did not hear him correctly...

The Gunnery Sargent smiled sly. "Benny's a poofter..." Hammond rolled his eyes, further elaborating to Mordocai's confused face, "He's gay, you dobie!" 

Mordocai made a disgusted scowl and stiffened his posture. "Well, I'm not. Why are you telling me this?"

"Ak, I seen the way you been lookin at him. Curious as hell aren’t yah?" Hammond leaned into the blue jay with a guttural smile and whispered. Alcohol heavy on his breath. "He's the kinkiest thing you'll ever fuck, trust me. He can do things to you that will make you forget ya' girl, I guarantee it."

"How would you know?..." Mordocai's eyes narrowed to twin slits. When Hammond's smile turned to a wide grin Mordocai shivered and added abruptly. "You know what I don't want to know. If your going to act like this Mark then fuck off and leave me alone. You're too drunk anyway..." He turned away from the Gunnery Sargent and turned up his beer.

What bothered him most, however; was it was true...

Curious thoughts in his head began to flourish. 

Hammond put his hand on Mordocai's shoulder, his words slurring. "Aw Mordo don' be like tha'... I'm jus' tryin teh help..." He then grinned, patting his shoulder with another swig of his drink. "Ah, that's it. Yer a bashful bloke aren't yah? You wan me to break the ice? Fine. - Hey Benny c'mere!

Shit. Mordocai spun around in a second. "Mark-!"

At hearing his name Benson looked up and worked his way through the crowd, a tray of drinks above his head. "What? You worked through your beers already?" He smirked.

"Nah, Benny. I ga' somethin' ta' ask yah..." He said with a snicker and motioning his head to the blue jay. "You wanna fuck this boy, don't yah?"

The smile instantly wiped off the gumball machine's face to a mix of shock, fury then hurt. He fumbled for words, uttering quietly as he looked to the Aussie then the blue jay; his face bright red. "Ex-excuse me?..."

"What are you, depf? Yah' heard what ah' said..." Hammond said, his tone more demanding.

"What the Hell kind of question is that?!" Mordocai snapped, blushed himself.

"Shut up, Mordo. C'mon Benny..." He wrapped his arm around around the blue jay who shunned his face to the floor mortified Hammond was doing this. "Kid's been curious about you all night and he's had a rough bout with his shelia – I'm tryin' teh cheer em' up here." Hammond lowered his brow, saying in a husky voice. "How bout' you take em' round back and give him one of your good screws, eh?" He winked, "make em' smile for days..."

The tiniest of snarls delicately curled Benson's lip and his brow lowered. His red color turning a dark crimson as his steely gaze drift between Hammond and Mordocai. 

Just by the quick glance he gave, Mordocai could tell he had a veracious temper yet to his surprise the man held his tongue and responded quietly. 

"I've... I've got work to do..." Temporarily expressing hurt and disappointment as he looked to Mordocai, he quickly retrieved his guarded look, turned and left the table before Mordocai had a chance to say a word.

"Benson, wait! I-!" He said too late and feeling just as guilty he watched Benson walk away then scowls as he hears Hammond burst out laughing. 

"Buah, ha! Dipstick. Yah see how red he gat'?"

"That was cruel." Mordocai spoke flatly, pulling away from the Aussie. "Why would you say something like that!?"

"Ah, calm down. He's heard worse..."

Mordocai gave him a cold stare, standing up. "I'm hitting the head..." He walked through the crowd to locate the restroom.

" Awk, c'mon. Mordo! It was just a joke!" Hammond rolled his eyes and returned to his beer, downing the remainder. "Wanker..." However, then realizing perhaps he might have ruined his evening, he spoke as Benson walked by, serving another table of customers. Hammond purrs with a grin. "Hey... hey Benny..." As Benson ignored him Hammond snarled and reached out, catching his arm tightly. "I said stop!"

"Let go, Mr. Hammond..." Benson frowned.

"Aw, c'mon Benny. Don't be such a wet blanket! Cut me some slack, eh? I was only foolin' around..." Hammond pulled Benson's arm gently and resentfully Benson followed.

Benson knew first hand Hammond was a mean drunk.

"What do you want?" Hammond chuckled and Benson rolled his eyes. "Why don't you go home and sleep it off before you embarrass yourself even more..."

"Don't be such a prick, Benny..." Hammond chuckled pulling Benson a little bit closer. "You know, you always get this way when you haven’t had a good cock up your slot. Let's say we fix tha', eh?"

Benson snarled his upper lip, jerking his arm back. His voice placid and cold. "I think you've had way too much to drink. I'm cutting you off. Go home, Mr. Hammond. Alone."

"What?" The gunnery Sargent growled as Benson walked away from the table. 

Feeling his pride and reputation at stake or maybe it was the drink. Either way, Hammond snatched a fistful of the gumball machine's collar and yanked him back to the table, knocking Benson off his feet as his head smacked the table's edge. The tray of drinks he was carrying crash to the floor with the loud shatter of wood against wet glass.

The entire bar went silent. 

Mordocai was returning from the restroom.

With his other hand on top Benson's chest he pinned him to the table as the gumball machine recovered, dazed and opened his eyes to see Hammond directly over him.

"Listen here you little shit. Disrespect me like that again and I'll bring you back there and show you what I can really do. You do not want to piss me off–got it?"

Benson grit his teeth but nods yet kept his eyes on the door. He was going to have to quieter this down before Maellard noticed. 

"Good." Hammond smiled, his tone sultry. "Now how about you make it up to me, eh? Tell me all the things your gonna let me do to yah tonight..."

Benson cringed but could see Maellard's blinds open. He cared for his own dignity but he cared even more if he had a job in the morning...

Benson's eyes grow distant as going limp and closed his eyes.

He was about to comply when a sudden flash of blue and the sound of flesh hitting bone caused Hammond to crash into the floor, busting his chair as he fell. 

Benson rolled off the table and scrambled to his feet to see Mordocai behind him, fist quaking. Nicaoli and Muscleman had run from their game and were holding him back. A few blue feather flew.

"Mordocai?... What the Hell did you do?!" Hammond snapped alarmed, rubbing his jaw and resting his weight on his elbow. "I could throw you in the brig for that!"

"He's right bro, let it go!" Muscleman said.

"You can but you won't." Mordocai sneered, looking down at Hammond. "I respect you but I've put up with enough tonight and so has he."

"What? You think he cares?" Hammond spat gutturally, laughing. "You have any idea what he is-?!

"I don't care about that but I know my father would care about your conduct..." Mordocai growled, knocking his two companions off him but remained planted in place. "You're not the friends you think you are, Mark... I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate you running about town like this, guzzling it up and acting this way. Don't forget what uniform you're wearing – Are you okay?" Mordocai added, looking down to Benson who was on his knees frantically trying to clean the mess of broken glass.

Benson only nod, far too ashamed to look up.

Hammond looked around him and the faces watching him then at his uniform as he slowly got off the floor. "You're right, mate. You're right... I've... had too much to drink..." He admitted quietly as he dust himself off. "I think I will head home..."

"And your going to pay for the damage and drinks you broke..." Mordocai said approaching him.

"What?! Now look here kid, you got no idea-!"

Mordocai narrowed his gaze with an icy glare, using his height to intimidate the shorter man. 

Maybe it was because of Hammond's damaged ego or that he was drunk but it worked.

"Yeeees... or course. Certainly..." He muttered quietly exchanging an intense glare with the blue jay, one that communicated without need of words. Adjusting his clothing and regaining his posture, he looked down to the bartender. "Sorry, Benny... Ga' ah little carried away... didn't mean nothin' by it..." He reached down, brushing his knuckles against Benson's head as Benson quickly shirked from the touch, glaring up. "...Richard..." Hammond remarked raising his head before turning and walking to the exit.

Benson cringed, knowing his boss was directly behind him. He hadn't even heard his door open...

"Clumsy fool, what have you done now?" Maellard hissed, staring down at Benson.

"I'm sorry Sir, it was an accident." Benson spoke nervously, still cleaning up the floor. Hammond smirked, Mordocai scowled.

"That's not true, Sir." The Sargent spoke up, making Benson jump. "It was Mark Hammond's fault. He knocked over Benson and was causing a scene. He's sorry and will pay for the damages."

"Is that so? Well now... thank you for that." Maellard gave Mordocai a through studying gaze then turned his attention to Benson. Leaning over the man as he bore his weight on his cane and spoke through a smile.

"I don't have to remind you how valuable Mr. Hammond is to my business. Not only that but he spends more money here in a week than you make in a month so don't do anything to mess that up or you'll deeply regret it..." Benson nodded quickly, rattling his head and Maellard rose back up, now speaking in his normal rigid tone. "Now get this place cleaned up, were running a place of business, not a dump."

"Hey, it wasn't his fault. Lay off him." Mordocai's pensive tone sharpened.

Benson's eyes widened as Maellard turned swiftly and walked toward the blue jay. A wide smirk on his round face. "How about you mind your own business, son."

"You can't treat someone like that..."

Maellard paused, a little taken back but then smiled, making an amused noise from his throat. "My... what a bold one you are, no one's ever talked like that to me. It means you've got a lot of courage and heart. I like that, you'll make a good Sargent, but let me give you some advice..." He took another step toward the blue jay, "striking a superior officer will take that away from you and fast so get your priorities straight. Don't throw your future away for a busboy without one..." He added with a cruel smirk.

Mordocai only stared at the man with a deep, determined gaze and watched him hobble back to his office and close the door. With the show over the bar returned to normal...

Then looking over to Benson, who had heard all of this. He looked crushed, just staring at the floor. The wash rag filled with glass still in his lap.

Right now, Benson did not want to get up from the floor, not ever. In fact, he preferred to drop dead more than anything else. His heart felt so heavy. He knew it was true and he hated himself for it. 

A feathered hand suddenly reached down and he followed it up to the blue jay's stern face.

"Come on, get up. You've got no business being in the floor."

"Don't I?" Benson responded, his tone hollow. However, with pause, he accept the helping hand and with one strong pull was nearly lifted in the air and landed against Mordocai's chest.

He hadn't realized how strong Mordocai was nor Mordocai how light Benson was. He didn't guess the gumball machine weighted any more than sixty pounds.

"Woah, sorry about that." Mordocai chucked,  looking down at gumball machine. "You're really light..."

Benson smiled shyly and quickly backed off the blue jay. "He's a powerful man, please don't cross him. I think you need to leave..." He said laced with concern and glancing back to the door. Then stopping to collect the glass filled rag and dump it in the rubbish bin.

"Maybe, but still. It doesn't give him the right to treat you like that..."

"Heh, yeah sure..." Benson remarked dusting his hands and stood up, and very subtly, looked up to the blue jay to see the him staring back. Smiling Benson didn't know whether to thank the Sargent for everything he done or say nothing. Yet with a half-nod and Mordocai accepted whatever Benson offered in his own look. This made the gumball machine blush and he quickly turned his face to hide it. Benson rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"I hope you haven't gotten in trouble on my account..." He said in relation to Hammond.

"Nah, he'll get over it. If you get to know me you'll learn I almost never stay out of trouble." Mordocai said with a wink. "And thanks."

"For what?..." Benson perplexed.

"You called me Mordocai."

"I did?..." Benson thought a moment. "Well thank God Mr. Maellard didn't catch it." He sighed with a tired smile, looking about the busy bar then the blue jay. His eyes weary but sincere. "You should go and if you're smart you won't come back..."

Mordocai's solemn expression turned to a catty smirk, patting the small man on the back before walking away.

"Be seein' yah Benson..." 

Benson shook his head and returned to his customers.

He caught the blue jay one last time across the bar as he left with the remainder of his group. He waved off to Benson as his friends were wrapped in conversation. Benson didn't return the gesture, polishing off a set of clean glasses, he merely spoke sultry hiding his smirk.


~~~~~ o0o ~~~~~ o0o ~~~~~ o0o ~~~~~ o0o ~~~~~ o0o ~~~~~

It had been a good five hours later and Benson was exiting the bar, bundled up in his wool coat and scarf to escape the chill December air. He couldn't wait to get to his apartment and in a hot shower to cleanse the day away, as it was any day, one he would want to forget.

Exhausted for his limit, Benson fished the keys from his pocket as a voice spoke quietly, it's owner stepping from behind the building corner and into the dim streetlight.


Benson startled and dropped his keys, swearing under his breath as he tried to regain his composure.

"Mr. Quintel..." He spoke firmly to the blue jay, commencing his heart to stop pounding. "What the heck are you doing out here in the dark? You nearly scared me to death! - What are you – waiting on someone?"

"I hope so..." Mordocai smiled, puffs of warm breath filled the air above him and Benson raised a brow with a frown. "And please, call me Mordocai." The gumball machine didn't comment as he lowered his brow and quickly assessed the blue jay.

Mordocai was calm, relaxed and alert. His hands in his coat pockets and collar up to block the wind. The trench coat he was wearing almost went down to his crossed polished shoes as he was still in the green uniform he left hours in. He seemed genuine but...

During this brief survey Benson decided to cut the small talk, lock up and leave quickly.

Checking the lock, he turned to walked down the street. 

"Hey, where you going?" The blue jay spoke quickly, taking a few steps after him.

"Home. Where else?" The gumball machine responded curtly.

"Don't you have a car?"

"I don't need one. I live just down the-" He stopped abruptly, realizing the mistake in telling this would-be stranger where he lived. "I live nearby..." He only answered.

"Isn't it dangerous walking home alone like this?..."

"Why? Would I run the risk getting followed home by a creep?" Benson turned to give him a callous look. "Thanks but I'll be fine." Then realizing how hateful that sound, and how close the man was behind him, Benson stopped. The blue jay had only showed him kindness in the bar but still he was a stranger. One who, at Mordocai's size could cause Benson serious harm if pushed to anger. The gumball machine leveled his attitude quickly and turned. 

With the other so tall and Benson already short he had to look straight up to look into the man's face.

"Look, I'm sorry. That was rude. I didn't mean to sound so hateful, it's not who I am and I appreciate what you did, it's just..." Benson took his eyes off the man and sighed, getting straight to the point. "What are you really here for?" He looked back up to the blue jay as the man said what Benson was afraid of.

"Well I... I was here for you..."

Benson's eyes saddened. "Still curious, aren’t you..." It wasn't a question. "Didn't I tell you to leave? Mr. Maellard doesn't like you."

"Well I'm not to fond of him either, besides; I seen the old codger leave a half hour ago and I told you I'd see you around, didn't I?" Benson stared wearily at the young Sargent as the blue jay continued, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "I thought, well, since I couldn't buy you a drink and the bar's closed... we could go grab a bite to eat somewhere – I bet you're hungry and I don't live far from here either if you-"

"Kid, I'm too tired for games. If you want to fuck me just say so, you don't have to buy me dinner..." Benson's voice was absent and void any emotion. Mordocai's eyes widened.

"Wow... kind of blunt, aren’t you.... Huh... How did you get that from 'we could go grab a bite to eat?'" Mordocai made a face that in a way put Benson to shame as the blue jay backed off. "I'm not like that but hey, it's okay if you are... I'll just go. Bye, Benny." He turned to leave.

"Don't call me that!" Benson snarled, turning deeply red. "I hate it..."

"Why? Is that Mark's pet name for you?" Mordocai looked over his shoulder.

"Don't even fucking go there..." Benson''s voice hitched, quivering out of anger.

"Then don't call me Mr. Quintel..."

Benson only glared as he watched the man turn and walk away. He knew it was best to just let him go, for both their benefit, but he wasn't about to be made look so easy, even if...

"Mordocai." He said slightly less tempered, the blue jay turned. Taking a step towards Mordocai he extends his hand to the bar before letting it fall to his side. "What else was I suppose to think? I'm not an idiot. Why else would you wait outside in the freezing cold for me other than to get laid?"

Mordercai looked wounded, "Is that what you're used to?..." He said it with a saddened tone that embarrassed Benson more than anything else. Fact was, he was so used to it it felt odd not to expect it.

"I..." Benson shunned his eyes, cringing inwardly. "Look buddy... sorry about that... I didn't mean to offend you – it's been a long day and I-"

"Oh, that didn't offend me - not at all..." Mordocai's voice and eyes were very soft and discerning, making Benson weak in the knees. "I admit, I do like you – a lot – but... I just wanted some company before I went home tonight. That was all..." Benson's steely gaze softened, Mordocai turned his head and looked across the street. "I've been in the diner across the road if you want to join me. They got good coffee and the food's not that bad... Course you know, you probably been there a million times.." The blue jay chuckled to himself. "It used to be a kind of late night tradition back home for me and Margr-" Mordocai paused, saddening as he tried to shake the thoughts from his head and looked down to Benson, a feathered hand to his head. "Shit. Sorry, I don't sleep much and I know you had a rough day. I didn't mean to bother you..."

The gumball machine winced, sympathetic as he watched the tall man begin to leave.

The guy just missed his girlfriend...

And Benson knew what it was like to be alone...

He shouldn't but - "Mordocai! Wait..." Benson put a hand on the much taller man's arm, gripping gently. "Know what, I am hungry..." He concurred with a half smile and allowed his shoulders to relax. The blue jay smiled. "Of course I'll be some company with you, I would like that a lot."
Cedarwood Road, chapter 1
An alternate universe style fiction I've wanted to start for awhile, hopefully it will be finished but this is all I've got thus far. (I have too many unfinished projects on my hands :unthinking: )

This is a yaoi/preslash Mordenson fiction. Prompt 'Obsession' used from…. If you like it and would like it continued please comment. :)

Originally inspired by the song 'Cedarwood Road'

Illustration Cedarwood Road by Lady-Hannibal
Crossfire by Lady-Hannibal
"Eh... eh isnae right an' teh eyes O' Goad..." The Paladin spoke barely above a purr.

Maxwell's lips slipped softly up across the strong column of Anderson's neck as the taller man grit his teeth, however; a moan escapes him.

Nipping harshly at the soft spot just behind the jaw hinge Maxwell whispered low. "Just act as if you enjoy it; just let me have you this once. Please Alex. For me?"

Maxwell seducing Anderson. :D

I am slowly beginning to like this pairing... As long as Enrico is the dominate. ;P

A drawing I've had on my computer a long LONG time and now have completed.

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